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Shari (she/they) is a Kansas native and graduate of Emerson College currently residing in Los Angeles, California. She is a member of IATSE 871 as an Art Department Coordinator.

In college it took a while before Shari even knew that the "art department" existed, but she slowly started to realize that her arts & crafts background and DIY spirit could be put to good use on student projects with low budgets. At Emerson, she found herself taking on a lot of prop and set decoration roles, eventually production designing a web series her senior year. Now, the art department is the only place in the industry that Shari wants to be.


While working as a union coordinator, Shari continues to work on small projects and thrives working within the constraints of ultra low budgets. Shari aspires to work in the props department and expands her own art practice in her free time. She is eager and excited to continue learning and growing as an artist and wannabe crafts-person. Her ultimate dream is to open a creative reuse store to sustainably recycle and repurpose used art supplies and materials.

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