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Shari is a Kansas native and graduate of Emerson College, where she received a BA in Visual & Media Arts with a specialization in Film and TV Production. Before transferring to Emerson, Shari spent 2 years at Vassar College trying to figure out what the heck she was going to major in and subsequently do with her life. After discovering the world of media production, Shari knew it was where she had to be. Thankful for her liberal arts foundation, she switched gears and began on a new path.

It took a while before Shari even knew that the "art department" existed, but she slowly started to realize that her arts & crafts background and DIY spirit could be put to good use on student projects with low budgets. At Emerson, she found herself taking on a lot of prop and set decoration roles, eventually production designing a web series her senior year. Shari currently resides in Los Angeles, California where she works in the industry and expands her own art practice in her free time. Most of her experience is "what can I do with the least amount of money?," but she is eager and excited to join larger-scale productions' art departments and to continue learning and growing as a wannabe crafts-person.

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